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A Little Bit About Staring Over

Starting Over Enterprises Incis a Florida 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that has been in existence for 30 years.  This program has grown to its current prominence as a result of its founder, Susan “Sno White” Bain.
Sno White
Sno, as she is fondly referred to, found her calling at an early age, widowed at 19 she was left with five children to raise.  As a daughter of an alcoholic father, Sno summoned her own inner strength and ultimately found her calling in life through giving to others.  At first as a singer both in local and out of state venues, Sno brought joy through song until throat surgery ended that promising career.  Then after losing several children prematurely, (one from a drunk driver), Sno turned her efforts to helping the homeless, people she welcomed as her “second family” and continues to do so today.
Those she helped
In the beginning, Sno welcomed the needy directly into her home and still has up to 4 clients today.  These people, all with alcohol, drug or mental type problems were given food, shelter, and clothing with no questions asked.  In return, they were offered training in various fields; starting with set-and-light designing then building.  As Sno’s second family grew, she sought additional housing by purchasing government trailers with proceeds derived from her design company as well as from her “own funds”.
Ultimately, government regulations forced the closing of the building in which the design facility was housed.  Sno then opened the “Exotic Elegance”, a  theme party company catering to corporate and individual parties.  This company continued to offer training in design, lighting, and customer relations, etc.  It flourished for almost 20 years and graduated many people back into society.  The experience gave them a new life on their own terms with pride and self-assurance.  The Exotic Elegance was quite prominent locally, as it won many design awards including 1st place in the winter boat parade on many occasions.
Disaster strikes
Years ago, Hurricane Wilma destroyed the design warehouse and its props displacing forty five people.  Never losing hope herself, all efforts were then focused on the thrift shop which had been in operation for twelve years.  Donations were received from individuals as well as corporations and her wards were encouraged to deal with the public, face adversity and continue in their recovery process.
She leased a strip mall location, as well as selling at the local swap shop to continue to fund housing for the homeless.  In 2001, Sno opened her housing shelter in Pompano Beach, Florida. Able to accommodate up to 70 individuals, the shelter was financed in part from the thrift store and theme party proceeds.  Sadly, never being able to recover from Hurricane Wilma and the brutal economy, Sno was forced to close both the shelter and the thrift store.
After having lost both operations, Sno, once again, opened PTL (Praise The Lord), a cabinet manufacturing training facility funded with a Small Business Association loan.  The same principles in which she has always operated, aplly here.  This facility is an ongoing training opertion which produces high-end cabinetry and furniture.  They sell to the “trade” as well as to the public.
Having a fairy tale name only serves to promote Sno’s ultimate dream -she has always had a special long term plan of operating a “farm”.  Picture this..  a self contained multiple use compound comprised of numerous buildings where up to 350 residents can live securely and be trained in various trades and skills.  Everything from auto repair, animal husbandry, fish farming, hydroponic gardening, woodworking to farming will be offered here.  This “farm” would be based upon a 1,000 acre parcel of land.
Besides the shelter, a church, a slaughterhouse, an animal rescue and a wild life sanctuary would be on the property.  It would also cater to the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged; providing them with a renewed purpose in life; and a safe & secure place to live out their years.
“The Farm” will be totally self-sustaining, but it will also provide for outsiders; contributing overages of home grown food and meats to the community.  “Volunteeers” will also be available to the local community.  This is an audacious plan by any stretch of the imagination but dreams do come true.  Just ask Sno White or any of the thousands of people who have been awakened to a new way of life.
Enclosed are pictures of our vision as well as an itemized description listing many of the functions which can be accomplished with your help.  Please take a moment of your time to dream with us and if you can find it in your heart, call or write us at the address listed below.
Thank you in advance for taking a moment to be part of our dream, we are,

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